Saturday, March 31, 2007

Striped Organdy Shares

I've been offering the striped organdy for a while, but until that giant box came, I didn't have any of the ribbon on hand. Here's a picture of what the striped organdy looks like on spools. It's a regular organdy, unwired, but it has stripes running the length of the ribbon. The stripes are either iridescent or metallic depending on the ribbon. The 3rd one from the top is white with metallic burgundy stripes. Here's the details:
  • 100 yards
  • 5 each of 20 colors
  • $11 for 3/8"
  • $12 for 5/8"

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grab Bags

I had a great idea given to me by one of my participants. She was looking for a gift for a stampers gathering. I came up with the idea of making these grab bags of ribbons. In the bag, I have the following:
  • 5 yards 3/8" solid organdy
  • 2 yards 3/8" striped organdy
  • 2 yards 5/8" solid organdy
  • 1 yard 7/8" solid organdy
  • 5 yards polka dot organdy
  • 3 yards solid grosgain
  • 40 assorted eyelets (10 each of 4 colors)
  • 20 assorted brads (10 each of 2 colors)
  • All ribbons in 1 yard pieces, no duplicate colors
  • $4.50 includes shipping
This is a great way to check out the different ribbons I have to offer, or a great gift for a new stamper.

Organdy Ribbons are Here!!

The organdy ribbons arrived yesterday. I took a photo of my son with the huge box to give a size perspective. He's about 3' 11", so you can see how big this box is.

There are over 500 spools of ribbons in this box!! I'll post updates on cutting and shipping times after I get it all sorted out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Size Added to Solid Organdy Share

Due to popular demand, I have added a new, smaller size to my solid organdy shares.

Here's the details:

  • 1/8" organdy
  • 35 colors
  • 5 yards of each
  • 175 total yards
  • $19 including shipping

Monday, March 26, 2007

A quick note about my shares.

I just wanted to post a quick note about my shares. I recently had a complaint about one of my shares so I wanted to post an explanation.

My organdy ribbons (solid, striped, polka dot) come to me on 25-yard spools. The spools are not quite 25 yards, so when measuring yardage, some of them (about every 5th one you receive) will be in two pieces rather than one. I always make the short piece at least a foot, plus add a bit extra to hopefully compensate for having to deal with 2 pieces. Personally, I think it's worth the pain of dealing with 2 pieces to get such a great price.

I've sent out hundreds of shares and this is the first complaint. I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this and give anyone who wants to, the chance to back out.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here's a great picture sent to me by lchristiansen on SCS. What a fabulous way to store the ribbons!! Thanks so much for sending it my way!

I also wanted to apologize for being out of touch the past 1 1/2 days. Our router went on the fritz yesterday afternoon and it took until now for my hubby to get to the store, buy one, and get it hooked up.

So, in the meanwhile, I've been baking a batch of honey oat bread using my newly acquired hard white wheat. I ground it into flour today and baked up some bread. Actually, it's baking now and it sure smells good!!

I've got an inbox full of e-mail with requests for the eyelet share and ribbons. I'll get to them as fast as I can. Just know I'm not ignoring anyone.

Friday, March 23, 2007

New Eyelet Share

I'm starting a new eyelet share. This one is really unique because I'm having eyelets custom made in our favorite 48 colors. I'm also doing neutrals and "in" colors.

The details are:
  • 54 colors of eyelets
  • 5 neutral colors (vanilla, white, gray, black, and sand)
  • 50 of each color, plus an extra 50 black
  • 3,000 total eyelets
  • $40, which includes shipping and delivery confirmation
  • $23 for 1/2 share, 25 of each color, 50 black
At this point, I am only taking reservations, please do not send funds. I have to purchase 10,000 of each color in order to have them made. This means I need to fill 200 spots in order to make this happen. If you would like to participate, please send me an e-mail at I will make a list and you will receive an e-mail response if I am able to do this. It takes 35 days to have the eyelets made, so I anticipate delivery to you will be in 2 months from the date I give the manufacturer the go-ahead. Once I have enough participants, I will have everyone start sending funds since I have to send 1/2 of the money in order to get them made.

Gingham, Grosgrain, Polka-Dot Grosgrain

I have offered a few more ribbon shares. These spots are filling up fast. The first batch is already ordered, but I will order more if the shares fill up!

Here's the details:

Gingham Ribbon:

  • 3/16"
  • 5 yards of each color
  • 15 colors
  • 75 yards
  • $33 including shipping
  • PayPal fees $2

Solid Grosgrain:
  • 1/4"
  • 5 yards of each color
  • 40 colors
  • 200 yards
  • $28
  • PayPal fees $2
  • Supplemental colors
  • 5 yards of each color
  • 25 colors
  • $20
  • PayPal fees $1
If you get both of the solid grosgrain shares, you will get 65 different colors.

Polka Dot Grosgrain
  • Swiss dots (small scattered dots)
  • 5 yards of each color
  • 30 colors
  • $44
  • PayPal fees $2.50
I will post pictures all of these ribbons when they arrive. To participate in the shares, e-mail me at

Brad Share

Well, the brads are here!! The brads mostly fill up a priority mail flat rate box. At least the first batch. For those who haven't heard about the brad share yet, here's the details:

  • 1,500 brads
  • 30 colors
  • 50 of each (100 each of metallic and neutral)
  • $38 including shipping
  • 1/2 share $21 including shipping
  • 500 neutral brads as an add-on for an extra $12
  • PayPal fees are additional

If you're interested in getting in on the share, drop me an e-mail at

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Polka Dot Organdy

Here's the polka dot organdy I'm offering. This photo shows all of the colors!

The pricing for this ribbon share is:

Polka Dot Organdy

3/8”~~85 yards, 17 colors $20

5/8"~~85 yards, 17 colors $22

Full spools of individual colors for $5, shipping included.

This price includes priority shipping.

As with my other shares, shipping could take as much as 4 weeks depending on shipping from the wholesaler to me.

Solid Organdy Ribbon Shares

I have 4 widths of solid organdy currently available.

  • 1/8"
  • 175 yards
  • 5 yards of each
  • 35 colors
  • $19
  • ¼”
  • 140+ yards
  • 5 yards of each
  • 28+ colors
  • $15
  • 3/8”
  • 210+ yards
  • 5 yards of each
  • 42+ colors
  • $17
  • 5/8”
  • 210+ yards
  • 5 yards of each
  • 42+ colors
  • $20
  • 7/8”
  • 210+ yards
  • 5 yards of each
  • 42+ colors
  • $24

This photo shows less than 1/2 of the colors available. I am unsure about the colors included in the 1/4" share until my first shipment arrives. The photo shows you the width of the 3/8" organdy. The wholesaler carries the following colors. I'm guaranteeing 140 yards for 1/4" and 210 for the other widths. You may get 220 if all of the colors are in stock and show up on time. The colors I have are:

Apple Green~~Aqua~~Azalea~~Baby Maize~~Black~~Burgundy/Wine~~Chocolate Brown~~
Coral~~Cranberry~~Daffodil~~Dark Aqua~~Emerald~~Fuschia~~Hunter Green~~Periwinkle~~ Ivory~~Jade~~Kiwi~~Light Gold~~Light Pink~~Lime~~Mauve~~Navy~~Old Gold~~Old Willow~~ Orange~~Lavender~~Peach~~Plum~~Purple~~Red~~Royal Blue~~Rosy Mauve~~Rust~~Salmon~~ Shocking Pink~~Silver/Gray~~Toffee~~Turquoise~~Williamsburg Blue~~White~~
White with gold edge~~White with silver edge~~
White with iridescent edge

I am also offering full spools for the following prices:

1/4"~~50 Yards~~$5.00
3/8"~~25 Yards~~$2.00
5/8"~~25 Yards~~$2.50
7/8"~~25 Yards~~$2.75

These prices all include shipping.

My Ribbon Shares

I've had a lot of requests for my ribbon shares I have been running on SCS. I closed them on SCS because of new share posting rules, but I've just been innundated with people wanting to get this fabulous deal on ribbon. I started with just grosgrain and then branched out into organdy. From there, I found polka-dot organdy, then polka-dot grosgrain, gingham, and more.

I'm posting them here in order to show pictures and update shipping times. Anyone interested in participating in my shares can e-mail me at

The next series of posts will include the details of my shares.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I made this card, actually, I made 10 of them for the Christmas Card Challenge at Splitcoast. I wanted to use non-traditional colors. I took the inspiration for the colors from the printed vellum I acquired years ago from Creative Memories. I just love snowmen!!

Here's a my latest creation that I made for my secret sister on Splitcoast. I found these adorable jars at the supermarket and knew they'd be perfect for stamping. The center of each side has a nearly square spot, perfect for sticking a stamped image in.

My SS's name is Cary, so I made her this monogrammed jar. I filled it with 3 Musketeers, one of her favorite treats. The backside of the jar says "Stamp Treats", one other side has a saying and the last side has a stamped paisley.