Friday, March 23, 2007

New Eyelet Share

I'm starting a new eyelet share. This one is really unique because I'm having eyelets custom made in our favorite 48 colors. I'm also doing neutrals and "in" colors.

The details are:
  • 54 colors of eyelets
  • 5 neutral colors (vanilla, white, gray, black, and sand)
  • 50 of each color, plus an extra 50 black
  • 3,000 total eyelets
  • $40, which includes shipping and delivery confirmation
  • $23 for 1/2 share, 25 of each color, 50 black
At this point, I am only taking reservations, please do not send funds. I have to purchase 10,000 of each color in order to have them made. This means I need to fill 200 spots in order to make this happen. If you would like to participate, please send me an e-mail at I will make a list and you will receive an e-mail response if I am able to do this. It takes 35 days to have the eyelets made, so I anticipate delivery to you will be in 2 months from the date I give the manufacturer the go-ahead. Once I have enough participants, I will have everyone start sending funds since I have to send 1/2 of the money in order to get them made.


Nancy said...

Ohhhh I am soooo in on this share. Sending you an email.

Jackie said...

Heidi I would love to take a spot in this eyelet share, let me know when things are going forward...Jackie aka babitoons @ SCS


Heidi are you allowing us the take 1/2 share? There are so many shares out there ...

pinkhedgehog said...

Yep, I forgot that, and I'm adding it right now. :o)

Arywen said...

I want In. Let me know when to send the money for this and for the brad share.


Arywen said...
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Heidi - please put me down for one share of your eyelet. Thanks

KIm VZ said...

I want in with a 1/2 share too.