Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brad and Eyelet Storage Presale!!

We have just purchased a number of sets of brad and eyelet storage containers. We're holding a presale on these great little jars. For a limited time only, you can purchase a set of 75 of these jars for only $20 plus shipping. We have about 20 sets on hand, but we will order more if there is a bigger demand during the presale. Sets of 25 jars are being presold for $8 each, plus shipping.

We're offering sets of 75 because we carry 59 colors, plus we're ordering 12 more colors and you'll have extra to store your existing stash. Everyone is asking how I'm storing these little guys. I have found the perfect storage solution. These jars fit really well into this mini drawer unit: Rubbermaid Drawer.

The jars are perfectly sized to hold a 1/2" punch on top, held on with a glue dot. I plan to punch out paper in the matching colors and put them on the tops of all of my jars for quick identification.

The regular price is $25. These adorable jars measure just over 1.5" high with the caps on, and about 3/4" in diameter. The cap is a snap-on, pliable plastic. The caps are very secure, but easy to get on and off. The photo shows 100 brads of each color in the jars, and 200 black. They would be perfect to store 50 brads and 50 eyelets of the same color.

To pre-order a set of these jars, send me an e-mail to pinkhedgehogpapercrafts@gmail.com. The first 20 sets will ship right away and the others will take about a week to arrive and will be shipped out at that point.

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