Saturday, June 23, 2007

Eyelet Share Update

I have been having lots and lots of inquiries about the status of the eyelets.

I am still waiting word that they have shipped to me. Here is what I wrote in the original share information:

The manufacturer is quoting us (me and the wholesaler) 35 days to complete the manufacturing process. We then have to allow time to have the eyelets shipped from overseas, through customs, to the wholesaler, then to me. I also anticipate having to do some counting. So, my goal is to get the eyelets in your hands in 60 days. I need to have 1/2 of the money up front in order to start the process. As soon as I have 100 orders paid, I can pay the $$ up front to get things going.

I posted the share on May 7th and it took a couple of weeks to get enough paid orders to get the order sent in. I estimated 60 days, from the time I sent the order in, so that would be mid-July by my calculations. I will update in the thread and on my blog when I have news of shipment to me.

I will post as soon as I have any information. Believe me, I am as anxious to see these as you are! I can't wait and I'm bugging my wholesaler nearly every day to see if there is news. I'm expecting them to ship to the US any day now. They will then have to be repackaged at the wholesaler and shipped on to me, and then I have to count them into shares and send them on to all of you.

It will take me 40 hours of counting to get them all counted. I will make regular updates once I get them as so you'll know how far through the counting process I am.

It will also probably take me a couple of days just to address and mail them. I have a big list of people who have purchased shares.

I originally estimated mid-July as the date you would receive your eyelets, and I still expect that will be the case.

Thanks for waiting patiently with me to have these beautiful eyelets made!

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