Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Eyelets Are Here!!

I'm so excited and pleased to announce the arrival of the eyelets!! Can you imagine all of those boxes filled to the absolute top with bags of eyelets?? I'm opening only one at a time because otherwise I'd be overwhelmed with the task at hand! I'm still taking guesses on the total weight of that stack of eyelets. I will take guesses until Monday and announce the winners here on my blog. To enter, send me an e-mail or a PM on SCS with your guess as to the total weight of the eyelets as shipped to me. This includes everything you see in the top picture.

The bottom picture shows the counting process in action. I have a little counting scale (bottom center). I scoop the eyelets from the bowl into those little cups, then dump the cups into little baggies. I enlisted my kids in the dumping process with the promise of treats. Perhaps a trip to the Dollar store is in order when we're done. LOL I purchased a bunch of tubs (green box on table) to put each completed color into. Once the colors are all counted, I'll be sorting them into sets.

The eyelets just arrived yesterday. I started the counting process in the evening and completed 3 colors last night. I'll update here frequently to let you know how quickly I am able to complete the counting. I estimated it would take me 40 hours and we'll see how accurate that is.

I also have to say.....they look fabulous! The colors are great and I think you'll all be very pleased!


Nancy said...

OMGoodness....that's a ton of eyelets you have to sort for all of us addicts!
I can't even imagine the job you have sorting.

Kristina Lewis said...

WOW!! I'll guess 25 pounds! That looks like a BIG job! Thanks for a chance to win!

sandy said...

I will guess about 35 pounds I was going to guess alot higher then rememeber they are like SU eyelets so anyway 35 pounds.

I am excited to get my hands on these now I need to order the crop-a-dile.

Jan Scholl said...

Good grief! insanity to dole these out into tiny bags. I will guess 26 pounds.

Suzy said...

Wowee thats a lotta eyelets! My guess is 38 pounds.

STACIE said...

Wow!! That's A LOT of eyelets! Wish I could be there to help sort/count them!

Thanks for the update - I'll be watching for delivery sometime in the next couple of weeks!!

I will guess 27.5 pounds.

SueB said...

I'd just logged in to see whether there was any news of the eyelets so imagine my delight at seeing they're finally in!! YAY!! Time goes SO much slower when you're waiting for something!

I'm going to guess on the heavier side ... using 7lbs/box, I'm gonna guess there's 42 lbs!

If you were close by, I'd help you sort! Looking forward to my delivery!!

Sue's got a blog too

Melissa said...

My guess for the weight is 55lbs. Hope you are having a good time and I can't wait for my eyelets...yeah!!