Thursday, December 6, 2007

I designed these shaker ornaments a few years ago. I've updated them for this year. I'm teaching how to make these at a class this weekend. All ribbons are from Pink Hedgehog Paper Crafts. Stamps are all Stampin' Up!

Here are the directions:

Each ornament takes:
2 qty.-2.5 inch squares colored cardstock
1 qty.-2 1/8-inch square window sheet
1 qty.-2.25-inch white or light cardstock
Embossing Buddy
Fillers (micro beads, glitter, confetti)
Foam Tape
Alene's thick tacky glue (thick is important, it's a white bottle with pink label.)

Cut 2-inch circle in center of square for each ornament. Leave one square uncut. Stamp the desired image in the center of white cardstock. Place window sheet over round hole. Using narrow foam tape, place strips of tape along the edges of the window sheet. Put the strips 1/2 on the window sheet and 1/2 on the cardstock. Make sure the strips of tape fit snugly against each other. (I cut 3/4-inch tape from Home Depot in fourths lengthwise and it was perfect.)

Leave the backing on the top side of the foam tape. Rub the embossing buddy on the window sheet to reduce static. Fill the little pool you've created with desired fillers. Peel the backing from the tape, placing the ends of the cord on the tape in the corner, making a loop. Place the white cardstock on the tape, with the image side down. Squiggle the tacky glue over the back of the white cardstock and adhere the 2nd piece of colored cardstock to the back of the ornament. Wait about 10 minutes for the glue to set and you're finished.

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michelle g. said...

Those are real beauties! Thanks for the tutorial -after this crazy holiday, I am starting all my Christmas stampin EARLY -like today! ;)