Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Counting is Plodding Along!!

This is what 300,000 eyelets counted into baggies looks like!

The good news is I'm 1/2 way there, and the bad news is that I'm 1/2 way there!

I have 30 of the 59 colors counted out now. It's taking a bit longer than I anticipated. I estimated 40 hours of counting, and in reality it's taking about 1.5 hours per color. So, you are looking at 45 hours of counting. Each of the bins above contains one of the colors, counted into 50's in little baggies. I have the 25's (for 1/2 shares) also counted and in a larger bag in the bin.

We are also moving, but be reassured that I'm planning on getting everything counted and shipped before the move. Also, just to further reassure you, it's a local move, only 12 miles away to a home in the country. We're in no hurry to get everything packed and moved in a day. We haven't sold our home yet, and this was a sudden decision to move. We only looked at the house about 3 weeks ago!

The biggest thing taking time is the counting process. Luckily, the kids are helping out and they bag as I count (with the scale). It's going really well, and all of the colors are amazing!!! I hope to finish the counting by the end of the week and then package and label the following week, or this coming weekend. I'll be posting updates here so you know how the counting goes.

Anyone wanting to RAK my boys for helping out so much, please send me a PM or e-mail and I'll give you their names and addy.

Meanwhile, are you exercising your Crop-a-Dile muscles???

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