Thursday, August 16, 2007


I need some help identifying people who have sent me payments. In most of these cases, someone would contact me asking for a share, then send me a check in the mail with minimal or no information on the envelope. I use the envies to make sure I send out all payments received by US mail. I'm looking for the following individuals:

I am specifically looking for 2 people named Dawn. I have both marked as unpaid, but at least one has paid, but I'm not sure which and don't want to send to the wrong one.

I also am looking for someone who had a check sent directly from their bank with no address on the envie to send the eyelets to. The envie was postmarked in San Jose, CA, I can't tell what date.

I am looking for someone with the last name of Jacobs from Jordan, UT. They probably gave me only their first and SCS names and there was no identifying info in the envelope, except for the check, which has been cashed.

The last one is someone from Moberly, MO. No other info on the envelope or inside other than the return address on the front. It was postmarked on May 17.

I realized belatedly that I needed to check the envies before cashing the checks in case there was no identifiers on the envies themselves. If you know anyone who fits these descriptions or if you are one of these people, please contact me about your share.


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