Monday, August 27, 2007

Eyelet Share

With my brads presale, lots of people have been interested in my eyelets as well. I have an eyelet share in the same colors as my brad share. The eyelet share includes:

  • 3,000 eyelets
  • 50 each of 48 colors
  • 50 each of 6 "fresh" colors
  • 50 each of 4 neutral colors
  • 100 black
  • $40 full share ($42 PayPal)
  • $23 1/2 share ($24 PayPal)
I still have some left and I can always order more. The ordering time will not be as long as the last one, I can get them here within a week this time.

1 comment:

ayeshae said...

Hi, thanks for the eyelets. It arrived yesterday. I can't wait for the brads to arrive. Thanks Ayesha (AB, CANADA)