Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How do I Organize my Copics?

I have had quite a few people lately ask me how I organize my Copic Markers. I have a somewhat anemic collection, but I am prepared for future growth!!

I purchased these great boxes from a variety of stores. I first found them at a local Office Depot. I have since ordered them from Staples.com and OfficeMax.com. They are made by Eldon/Rubbermaid. There are several things I love about them: You can store tons of pens in a small space. The "X" keeps pens separated by colors or types, and the "X" is removable so you can use the boxes for another use in the future. I love having the pens right at my fingertips, but not having to take up my workspace with pen cases. These boxes measure about 6" square, so this whole setup is only 1 foot square! This is a much more efficient storage solution than the cases Copic sells. The only downside is that this is not really a portable solution. I have an empty Sketch case that I use when I want to travel with my pens.

This is a wider view showing my stamping desk. I had my sweet hubby install a shelf about 8 inches above my stamping desk. This really increases my available storage space. I can put small drawers and pens under the shelf and my ink pads, paper stacks, and Copics. I have floating glass shelves above all of this stuff to hold my paper flowers!!