Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's been a super crazy couple of weeks around here. I posted a few posts ago about what's been going on. My hubby had surgery on the 11th, which happened to be my 3rd son's birthday. To top it off, that son and his older brother started in with the stomach flu that morning and passed it to my littlest one by that Friday. My hubby was doing pretty well by Friday, but I was in crunch mode for the auction by then, with only 2 weeks to go.

As if that weren't enough, my hubby came down with a different stomach flu and fever this past Tuesday and then passed it to me on my birthday, Thursday. I spent the whole afternoon and until 10:00 Friday morning delirious with fever. Not fun. By Friday morning, one more son was sick with it also. Arrrgh!

When I first posted these shares, I anticipated having all of the ribbons here at least 3 weeks ago. I didn't foresee the backorder problems I would have. If I had received the ribbon in a timely manner, the orders would all be cut and shipped by now. As it stands right now, I'm still waiting on the following:

~2 colors of solid grosgrain
~4 colors of polka-dot grosgrain
~1 color of gingham
~2 colors of 5/8" striped organdy

I finally had the shipment of solid grosgrain and 1/8" organdy arrive last week.

The biggest thing on my plate at the moment (besides being Mom of 4 boys) is an auction for our elementary school. The auction is this coming Friday, the 27th. I am co-chair of the auction and I knew I'd be insanely busy the last 2 weeks before the auction. Keep in mind, that this is also a volunteer position, not a regular job, just a one time thing. We're raising money this year to construct a walking path at the elementary school.

What I didn't expect was backorders that would put my ribbon deliveries landing at my house at the exact same time I'm crazy with the auction. I had hoped to have everything cut and shipped before the auction "crunch time" arrived. The auction takes months to prepare, but the last two weeks are always crazy. My co-chair and I worked 70 hours last week on auction related stuff and it will be about the same this week. I haven't had any complaints or anything from all of you who ordered, but I'm sure some of you are wondering where your ribbons are. I really appreciate all of your patience!

I will be finished with the auction this Friday evening and after that I'll be in overtime ribbon mode. Hopefully by then, I'll have the backorders all here and I can just cut and ship with incredible speed! Yay!! I'll cut and ship by order of payment. If you have ordered something that is listed as backordered above, I'll ship everything else to you and ship those shares as the backorders are shipped to me.

One more note. I do have lots of orders of brads packed and ready to go. I just need to address those. I'll get them addressed today and dropped at the PO tomorrow morning. Thanks again everyone for being so patient! These ribbons and brads are worth the wait!

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