Monday, April 9, 2007

Shipping and Delivery Updates

I have finally received the shipment of gingham......of course missing one backordered color. I think I would fall over if any of my shipments contained all of the colors I ordered.

I'm still waiting for 3 colors of polka dot grosgrain to arrive.

Meanwhile, I have received and counted 2 orders of brads, plus the neutral add-on options. I am working on packaging and addressing those tonight and they will go out first thing in the morning. In some cases, they will be coming with ribbons as well.

I have all of the organdy and polka dot organdy on hand, so those are being cut and shipped in order of payment received, as best I can. I also have grosgrain on hand....except of course 1 backordered color. That should arrive this week, though. I'm sending out dozens of boxes on Thursday with my carrier, plus more on Saturday. I'm devoting the entire day Thursday to cutting and packaging.

I'll post a picture of the gingham and polka-dot grosgrain when I get a chance in the next couple of days.

OK, back to addressing brads! :o)

Watch May 1st for 3 new shares!


~lizchristiansen said...

Hey HH. Check out my new blog. I finally have one. I gave you props. Leave me a comment and link to me if you want. =D

Santell said...

I receive my striped and polka dot organdy shares today and they are absolutely fabulous!! I can't wait to see the grosgrain ones. I want more. Would you please give us an update on what shares you have left?