Saturday, April 28, 2007

Whew!! The auction is over!!

So, the auction is now over and I couldn't be happier. We raised about $10,000 and that goes a long way towards putting in the walking path we are working towards. The principal surprised us, Jenny and I, with a copy of the police report right in front of everyone last night. It was great fun. We have really fun auctions with entertainment and lots of laughs. Our principal is very punny!

I'm going into ribbon overdrive starting today and I'm going to whip these orders out. If you paid via PayPal, you'll get an e-mail from them when I ship your package. You can always e-mail me at to check on the status of your particular order.

I have an inbox filled with e-mails, so if you've already mailed me, I'm working down the list.

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~missprissme said...

Whew, welcome back. Some of the peeps I turned you onto were wondering about their orders. I told them you were very trustworthy. Thanks for all you do.