Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Latest Updates!!

What is this?? It's my new ribbon winder that my hubby made for me. It's the result of both of us brainstorming and his engineering skills. It can wind 10 pieces of ribbon at a time, up to 1-inch in width. It's sort of funny looking, but it gets the job done! I pre-cut one piece of any given ribbon to a 5 yard length and then wind it onto the contraption along with 10 others of the same style of ribbon. This cuts my cutting time by an amazing amount. He's working on a couple more tweaks to make it even faster.

Shipping updates:

  • brads~~The first batch is counted and I hope to address and ship those tomorrow
  • gingham~~Still waiting on delivery
  • polka dot grosgrain~~Waiting for 4 backordered colors
  • solid organdy~~here and waiting to be cut (cutting 3/8" currently)
  • grosgrain and supplemental grosgrain~~waiting for shipment
  • polka dot organdy~~here and waiting to be cut
  • striped organdy~~here, some cut, but waiting for 2 backordered colors in 5/8"
Be assured I'm cutting and packaging as quickly as I can. I'm shipping in order of when I received your payment. For checks/money orders, I wait for them to clear before sending the goodies. I expect the first batch of ribbons to ship out tomorrow. If you ordered only 3/8" striped organdy, and have paid, your ribbons should go out in the first batch.

I'm busy cutting ribbons and have a few orders ready to go. I'm still missing


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work :)

Lynette said...

Such a cool idea. You and hubby are so clever!