Sunday, April 22, 2007

One more story......

I thought you might all enjoy an anecdote to supplement my last post:

Friday night, my auction co-chair Jenny and I were at the school late......very late.......typing up the catalog with our committee. The catalog has to go to press Monday morning (tomorrow) at 10:00 AM in order to be ready for us to bind it on Wednesday evening.

Our committee started trickling out just before midnight. Two of our committe members stayed with us until 2:00 AM. Jenny and I were tweaking the catalog and our other members were putting finishing touches on advertising signs to put up on street corners.

After our friends left at 2, Jenny and I stayed another hour finishing the major parts of the catalog. We left the portable and locked up, unlocked the gate, drove through and locked it, then proceeded to drive around to the front of the school to let ourselves in the front door and set the alarm. When we got to the front of the school, driving my big, black Suburban complete with tinted windows, specialty rims and all; a nice menacing vehicle, not exactly housewife standard issue, we had a surprise waiting for us!

Apparently the police at the front door didn't think we looked harmless either. They turned on their flashing lights and blinded us with searchlights. I could just see Jenny and I sitting in the back of cop cars, while the police tried to track down the principal in the middle of the night to verify our story. Luckily, our vehicle looked menacing, but Jenny and I don't.

It took some explaining, but they finally believed us and let us go. We entered the school and set the alarm with no further problems. They were probably thinking that no sane person would be hanging around an elementary school at 3 in the morning. They were sane person would do that!

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